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Artist Sketchcards
90-179 180-269 270-359 360+
1-Sided 18¢ ea 15¢ ea 12¢ ea 10¢ ea
2-Sided 26¢ ea 23¢ ea 18¢ ea 15¢ ea
***Prices are base and subject to change.***

ReadyComics prints standard size artist sketch cards at 3.5"x2.5". There are two paper options to choose from: 200lb. Strathmore Writing Wove stock, our heaviest and most durable paper stock, or our Carolina C1S stock (2-Sided only), which gives the option of having a glossy backside to your card for your logo. Our pricing structure is incentive based, meaning the more sketch cards you buy, the more you save!