250-499 500-1,249 1,250 2,500 5,000
1-Sided 25¢ each 15¢ each $100 $150 $245
2-Sided 37¢ each 23¢ each $150 $225 $360
***Prices are base and subject to change.***
ReadyComics prints 4"x6" flyers in full color with UV coating on both sides. We offer the option to print both sides, or to save more with our ad on the back. We can do smaller quantity runs, as well as large scale runs. Our pricing structure is incentive based, meaning the more flyers you buy, the more you save!
Paper Specifications
ReadyComics offers a 7% discount on our 1-Sided flyers by putting our ad on the back of the flyer, utilizing the unused space. This way, you save more money! Advertising Discounts