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This refund policy applies to all of the products, services and websites offered by The Market Builder, Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies except where unique terms are needed. Those variations will be publicly posted. Sometimes, we may need product-specific policies. Help materials will be provided to explain those terms in more detail. is a subsidiary of The Market Builder, Inc. was created to assist professional and up and coming artists alike with marketing and printing services, with an incentive on specialty production printing. prints comic books, perfect bound trade paperbacks, posters & mini-posters, flyers, sketch cards, business cards and large format prints with an option for complete customization and fast turnaround time.

We offer various civil service discounts. It is important to use to assist those who keep our country free and protect the rights of our constitution. If you are a returning or active in any branch of the US military we thank you and solute you.

Our products includes comic books, perfect bound trade paperbacks, posters & mini-posters, flyers, sketch cards, business cards and large format prints.

For the purpose of this document The Market Builder, Inc. may be known as:

  • MBI

  • Readycomics



We believe you will be thrilled with the products and/or services you purchase or contract from Every effort is made to ensure that our products and services are correct and what you paid for, and is the highest quality we can produce. However there are occasional misunderstandings, or issues revolving production and equipment problems. In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with your order please refer to the following terms.

Satisfaction Guarantee

All orders that have been manufactured with specifications decided by the customer are called Custom Made orders. Custom Made orders include but are not limited to static print jobs, variable data print jobs, bindery work, anytime a piece of raw material is modified in a production service to create a different product, and any time one-off custom orders are processed. All are subject to our satisfaction guarantee.

��� You have 31 days from the date of invoicing or payment whichever is first to request a satisfaction   guarantee/warranty. After 31 days have elapsed, no guarantee or warranty will be honored.

��� All services contracted and billed on an hourly rate, contracted by flat rate or by retainer are not subject to the   guarantee for replacement, except by breach of contract.

��� All postage, shipping, and handling are not subject to the guarantee and must be paid for future delivery of   reproduced product. You are required to pay for the return shipping of the defective product.

��� Raw material defects are not covered by the guarantee.

��� Any errors by the customer are not covered by this guarantee.

��� A copy of the packing slip or the customer receipt must accompany all returns.

��� All returns must be unused and complete.

��� It is up to the sole discretion of to determine if a refund will be given or if the defective product   will be replaced.

So what is covered? will correct, repair, or replace the merchandise in question when it is deemed to be a direct result of negligence of Some costs may be covered while others are not.™ a division of The Market Builder, Inc.