This community guideline applies to all of the products, services and websites offered by The Market Builder, Inc. or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies except where unique terms are needed. Those variations will be publicly posted. Sometimes, we may post product specific privacy notices or help center materials to explain our products in more detail. is a subsidiary of The Market Builder, Inc. was created to assist professional and up and coming artists alike with marketing and printing services, with an incentive on specialty production printing. prints comic books, perfect bound trade paperbacks, posters & mini-posters, flyers, sketch cards, business cards and large format prints with an option for complete customization and fast turnaround time.

We offer military and civil service discounts. It is important to use to assist those who keep our country free and protect the rights of our constitution. If you are a returning or active in any branch of the US military we thank you and solute you.

Our product line includes comic books, perfect bound trade paperbacks, posters & mini-posters, flyers, sketch cards, business cards and large format prints.

For the purpose of this document The Market Builder, Inc. may be known as:

��� MBI

Community Guidelines:


Respect the community, one another and our country. We are not talking the type of "drill sergeant" respect reserved for the military. We mean don���t abuse the site, one-another or the freedoms that our great country afford us. Our constitution affords us great freedoms including, of speech, press, and right to bear arms. It however does not allow us to slander, libelous others, harass, or threaten. Basically don���t break the law. If you do you are solely responsible for doing so. is not responsible for any fees, fines, legal cost and assumes no responsibility for your actions while using our services.

Here are some rules to conduct yourself by:

No pornography or sexually explicit content. For details of what may be considered pornography or sexually explicit content please see Definitions and Examples.

Respect Copyright. Only upload content that you are authorized to use.

We encourage free speech and to defend everyone���s rights who express unpopular points of view. But be careful not to cross the line of hate, which attacks or demeans a group or person based on race, ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.


We reserve the right to remove any content we deem violates the spirit of���s services. Sometimes the content does not violate the guidelines or rules but is just not appropriate. It is up to individual staff at to make this determination at the time it is made aware to them. If your content is removed or job not produced and would like us to re-review it please submit a formal request and a party of peers will re-review it.

This document is under constant revision. When we come across matters that we believe violates our principles we will update it. By no means does this document limit���s acceptable use policy.

Definitions and examples:

Defamatory, Abusive Content, or illegal content may refuse to print/use/host or redistribute material if the material is considered to be defamatory, abusive, harassing or threatening in nature.

Examples of illegal content including but not limited to:

��� Counterfeiting
��� Underage Drinking/Smoking
��� Drug Use
��� Hate Speech
��� Copyright Infringement

Pornographic Content: does not and will not print any pornographic content. Nudity is allowed in the context of art, but must not portray:


Using network and resources to print/use/host or redistribute any form of child pornography or obscene material is prohibited. is required by law to notify law enforcement agencies if an attempt to print child pornography/abuse is attempted.


Hands or Objects should not come into contact with genitals in a manner that is clearly the performance of fondling or masturbation.

Sexual Intercourse

Submission should not depict a clear display of any form sexual intercourse.™ a division of The Market Builder, Inc.